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March 19, 2011
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atashi anata ni koi suru tame ni umareta no kashi ra?
usui kabegoshi ni iuwa hitori tsubuyaku "aishite"

asari tsudzukeru aijou kurai misshitsu no naka de
itoshiki anata no okao furete nadete mitai na

kore wa kore wa okyakusama? kirei na onna no ko ne
sonnani sukinara itte? koroshite hako ni tsumeru wa!

moeru shashin utsuru ano ko
ima doushiteru kashira? (warai)
atashi no koto suki ni saseru wa
hora konna ni mo aishite iru kara...
anata wo kugizuke hyouhon ni shitai wa

nande anata naite iru no?
doushita no? kore no koto?

danbouru ni tsume konda karada goto daite ageru

door no mukou gawa ni present wo oku no
anata ga sukina koneko no kubi wo mainichi hitotsu zutsu

moeru shasin utsuru ano ko
sonna ko itano kashira? (warai)
"aishite iru yo" sonna kotoba
karusugite hedo ga deru wayone
"atashi wa anata o eien aishiteru..."


薄い壁越しに言うわ、一人呟く 「愛して」
漁り続ける個人情報(あいじょう) 根暗なアタシ(くらいみっしつ)の中で
愛しきアナタのお顔 触れて、撫でて みたいな

これはこれはお客様? 綺麗な女の子ね。
そんなに好きなら言って? 殺して箱に詰めるわ!

燃える写真 写るあの子
アタシの事 好きにさせるわ
アナタを 「釘」 付け、標本にしたいわ。




燃える写真 写るあの子
「愛しているよ」 そんな言葉
「アタシはアナタを、永遠 愛してる...←」


Sometimes I wonder if loving you was the reason I was born?
I say through the thin wall, only to you, "I love you"
The hidden love continues to swell in the dark
I want so much to touch your sweet face

This, is this really you? Such a pretty little girl.
Can you really be called that? I put you in that box to die!

Burning pictures of that child
I wonder how you are now? (Laughs)
You're my favorite thing in the world
You know, because I love you so much...
I'd like you nailed to my wall

Why are you crying so much?
What happened? Is it this?

Bodies crammed into carboard boxes, you'll embrace each one.

I put your present outside your door
You love the kitten's heads, every day, one by one

Burning pictures of that child
I wonder who that child was? (Laughs)
"I love you" were those words
You're too light from vomiting
"You're the one I'll love forever..."
Title: ロッテンガール グロテスクロマンス (Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance)

Song: 初音ミク Hatsune Miku

Translation (English) and Transliteration (Romaji): :iconvocaloid--lyrics:
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theepiccheesepuff Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014   Digital Artist
i love how everyone's so creeped out and here i am just listening to this as a bedtime song :3
tultsi93 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I'm tultsi93, Vocaloid fan from Finland!:D I have translated this song in Finnish. From English lyrics but translated anyway.^^;[link]
I have translated also Dark Woods Circus and The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka.
Harukofujioka Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Uhh...What does this song mean?? Its giving me nightmares!
g0thg1rl Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I know this is a really old commetn, but, I have to answer your question... 
Miku is jealous because the person she loves (commonly shown as Kaito) starts hanging out with another girl (Luka) so she kills and dismembers Luka, and (anonymously) gives him the corpse. Then she ends up killing him and keeps his dead body.  
Harukofujioka Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist's alright it helped anyways! ^_^ 
That song still gives me nightmares >.>
SuperBarass Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I`m using these lyrics for the english cover i am currently working on with Vocaloid Oliver.
Trixena Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
This song suits me retty well.
I kinda have these feelings for one person....

I might do a CMV about this song when I cosplay Zatsune Miku.
GlitchyAbsol Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Wait, you realized that the girl in the song murdered + dismembered the person she was stalking, right? That's kinda creepy.
Trixena Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Haha, yes I did.
GlitchyAbsol Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
I'm a tad bit worried for your object of affection.
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